Common inquiry

Guest room

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and credit card for the payment.

●Only VISA and MasterCard accepted
 ・・・・one-time payment only

●If you would like to pay the deposit before your stay, let us know. We will give you the information of our bank account to be transferred into.
If any additional charge of room, food, and/or drinks during your stay, we will charge the balance when you check out.

When does the cancellation fee apply?

Following are our cancellation policy.

◆No-show without notice・・・・・・・・100% of the charge
◆On the day of your stay・・・・・・・100% of the charge
◆3 days before your stay・・・・・・70% of the charge
◆5 days before your stay・・・・・・50% of the charge
◆7 days before your stay・・・・・・30% of the charge

◇We will charge 100% of the room rate for no-show on the day of your stay.

◇In this area of Sanin and Kasumi, we usually have a large amount of snowfall and unstable weather during winter from December to March.
Even in the case of cancellation caused by the weather, the cancellation policy listed above will apply.
Make sure to check the weather forecast, and make changes to your reservation if necessary.

For children and customers with disabilities

All of the rooms, the guest rooms and the banquet rooms, are Japanese-style room with tatami mats.
We provide tables 35cm high for the breakfast and dinner.

For small children and customers with disabilities, we provide low chairs.
Please feel free to ask us.

Colorful yukata available for ladies ♪

【In the guest room】Yukata for gentlemen and ladies available one each.
【At the front desk】For ladies・・Besides the room yukata, we provide color yukata for ladies. Chose one you like from the 30 different patterns.

About the amenity of a guest room, the large communal bath

◆In the guest room◆
 we provide you toothbrush, hand soap, cotton swabs, hair dryer, Japanese tenugui towel, bath towel, yukata, and yukata jacket.

◆In the large communal bath◆
 we provide hair dryer, hair tonic, hairbrush for men,
 and hair dryer, hairbrush, and cotton swabs for women.


Are there air cleaners?

We have an air cleaner for each room.
Feel free to use it whenever, e.g. eating and sleeping.

Are there humidifiers?

We can provide a humidifier in your room upon your request.

However, the number of the humidifiers we have is limited. Please let us know in advance if you would like.
※Please note that we might not be able to provide it in some cases.


Our communal bath・・・・

We have onsen baths for women and men
with the scenic view of Japan Sea.

We would like you to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape of the nature.

With only 10 guest rooms, we do not have a huge or fancy bath.

However, we would like to introduce you to the real beauty of the nature!!!!
It is not empty as it might look. We made it simple yet the best.

See the The red sunset on the Sea of Japan and isaribi on the holizon through spring to summer.
It will be memorable.

Usage time for the large communal bath

☆Following is the usage time for the large communal bath.
15:00 to 24:00 and 6:00 to 9:30 on the next day
We have the large communal bath for men and women one each.

Access, parking lot

Do you have pickup service?

If you are coming by JR train,
Get off at the closest station, [Sanin line JR Kasumi Station].

Call us, and we will pick you up at Kasumi station (Free).

※If you know the arrival time beforehand,
please let us know when you make reservation.

※Feel free to call us if you would like a room on the day.

※We pick you up by motorcoach or minibus Depending on the number if the customers.

We also drive you back to JR Kasumi station on the next day.

Use in the party of child

For children, choose breakfast either for adults or for children.

・・・♪If you choose the breakfast for children・・・♪

If the children are
Elementary school students from 6 years old to 12 years old (2 meals/night) or babies (2 meals/night)

For children, Choose either breakfast for adults or for children.

Children's breakfast menu (daily special).
  ♪Japanese rice
  ♪Miso soup
  ♪Grilled fish (sliced)
  ♪Boiled dishes
  ♪Boiled egg & ham & sausage
  ♪Fruit & custard pudding

※ Please leave notes about the choice of your breakfast in the comment section of the reservation form.
※If the child has any allergy, please let us know beforehand.


Is there any place where I can take a shower and wash the swimming suit when coming back from the beach?

◆Limited offer from July to August◆

We provide free marine sports trial, rock fishing, quick sightseeing tour of the beach, diving trial (pay), etc.
The closest beach [Imakoura beach] is 3 minutes by car from our hotel.

When coming back from the beach,
use our shower space at the entrance.
Wash off the sand
and jump into the large communal bath straightaway!! (^◇^)
(The large communal bath is available after check-out)

Feel free to use the washing machine next to the shower space.

●Please note that we only have one, you might have to wait when other is using.
●Let us know at the desk before using it.

Do you have [scuba diving trial/lesson for certification]?

We have a lot of water activities for you to fully enjoy the summer.
Exciting! All our trials are safe and enjoyable for beginners as well.

    ○o。.  Free trial of scuba diving  .。o○.
      。o○.          。o○     .。o○

Free trial of scuba diving in the Imakoura beach (3 minutes by car)
(We also provide free pickup service regularly)

Trial diving   \11,880/person
       ・・・equipment and a guide included

◆If you already have the certification, we also have equipment rentals. No need to prepare on the day.
   ・Diving suites
   ・Air charge (200)
   ・Guide only
   ・Air tank (200)
   And more.

◆We have short and reasonable 3 days lesson for the diving certification.
Ask us for more details.
Our specialized stuffs will answer your questions.

Summer!! Beach & free trials ◆ lunch and BBQ♪

3 minutes by car from our hotel (free pickup and drop off service available).

At the shed of Minatokan close to Imakoura beach.
Enjoy marine sports, rock fishing, and quick sightseeing of the beach【Only for summer】
You must be starving after swimming and playing under the sun.
Why don’t you have a lunch on the beach?
Eating while feeling a sea breeze is amazing.

Enjoy BBQ at the shed of Imakohama-Minatokan by the beach.
 (Of course we will prepare and clean)

◆BBQ◆  ¥3,780/person (reservation required)
 ・Seafood (e.g. Flat fish, turban shell) charcoal fired
 ・Onigiri (rice ball)

☆We also have a reasonable offer, , 3 meals/night (BBQ).
Don’t miss it! (^o^)丿

Do you have free trials for children?

The most popular one among the marine sports during July is the banana boat.
It’s for everyone from children to adults.
5 people can ride on a boat. ヽ(^o^)丿(>_<)(>_<)(^^)(^o^)丿
Have fun with your friends or the people who you meet for the first time.

It is exciting to have the excitement all together!!
It will be a good memory of summer.

Location ◆Imakoura beach 3 minutes by car from our hotel
Parking ◆ ◇Private parking space (map at the front desk)
◇Or Imakoura beach private parking
Pick-up service ◆Free pickup service available at all times.

※When children riding the banana boat,
our stuff will adjust the speed for safety.

Can I borrow a marine jet?

From July, we have free marine sports trial in our summer activity program.
It is for everyone from children to adults.

Besides the free trial, we also rent marine jets
for 25,000/day (plus additional gas charge).

The jet is for 2 people.
Please note that we have limited number of them and might not be able to provide for all of you.
※When borrowing the marine jet, please show us the license of vessels for one day.

We also provide scuba diving trial and lessons for certification for beginners as well.

Call us for reservation and question.